Do Viruses Sleep, Hibernate or Stay Awake?

 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

“Sometimes it can seem like our computers are exhibiting human traits, like when a teenager has trouble waking up before noon. If your computer won’t wake up out of sleep mode, then there are a few factors that could be at play.” (Recovery

Viruses…… they themselves do all that….. That’s why I want to know if they sleep. But I found out that yes they do and they need it too. Why is this important because viruses hide everywhere and they are like menaces to some programs, files, and computers but like best friends to others. They think they’re funny, they’re made by the quirky, and they enjoy the mayhem or the presents that they share….. like, HIBERNATION, or RECYCLING, or SLEEPING…. or WAKE

These are things that viruses to to computers but just like the files or computers that they shut down, so are they.  Files I mean…. ever heard of virus files?  Just like programs need a rest, a processor gets overheated and a computer needs a shutdown, viruses need to rest, and they do.  Where?  in quarantine.

Quarantine is available in every anti-virus, and the purpose is to give you time to consult the pros but many people don’t and it results in major problems,

It seems like not a big deal right?  It is because they take up a lot of battery power, usage, memory, and space.  So what do you do with that quarantine, best practice says, “DO NOT RESTORE” but you should contact your anti-virus company to inquire, clean, or delete those files.


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Delivery: Impact of Y2K on Tech Today

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Y2K was a system that was in place to help technology move on from the up to 21st Century technology that was in place.  Why do I say that?  Because technology was initially setup to just last up to the 21st Century, but since the world made it to 1999, people realized that a new system needed to be implemented to help the world and markets move on into the new Century and it’s future, as long as it might extend.

However, he system built called Y2K was only temporary.  It was put in place to help come up with a solution to bring the world into the 21st Century with better tools and support systems. Yet, many companies still depend on or use Y2K software and solutions that are no longer supported or needed.

Time to move on with the Century and new technology that promotes better business, security, and exchanges.  That is what is needed to move on with better foreign policy and global business management.

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Network of Safety – The Policy of Security

11518_10151515766828775_1778661864_nBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

“A security policy is a document that states in writing how a company plans to protect the company’s physical and information technology assets. A security policy is often considered to be a “living document”, meaning that the document is never finished, but is continuously updated as technology and employee requirements change.” (Rousse; 2007)

The same description is appropriate and can be migrated to define a similar infrastructure for multiple businesses in a global network or exchange.  The need for structure decides that policies should exist.

“The emerging Internet of Everything is set to heighten the security burden for device makers, software vendors and the numerous organizations that will rely on an interconnected network of smart devices to support operations and serve customers.” (Trend Micro)

To fully mediate the circumstances that influences or are influenced by the Internet and everything in it, it is important to setup up appropriate rules to exchange and transfer information securely, safely and quickly – appropriately termed security policies.


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Dealing With the Threat Changed – The Stringent Values of Lawfullness

20131123_123757By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Many times when using the Internet, we are faced with threats that interfere with our daily activities, those that pose a risk, and some that put us in danger. Our activities, the pages we visit, the blogs we have, the forums we’re a part of, who we communicate with and how we do so all matter when thinking of the risks we face when opening up the browser page.


trojan voicemailTrojans are invaders that pose very high risks to computer files and systems and also show with files that eavesdrop on computers, hack programs, hijack and corrupt files.  Since at least 2003, Trojans have been a big security threat and more recently than that have advanced into files that not only hijack but also eavesdrop.  ie Trojan.fakeavlock.

Trojan.Fakeavlock is a file that posed a high security risk to my computer and also eavesdropped on it.  Thankfully I was able to rid my system of the invader with help from my Anti-virus from Symantec and also enough information to report the incident to the police and my ISP – significant here to me was the reporting.

How did this change? It was harder than I thought.  We all know that eavesdropping is a crime but at the station there’s no report for it.This did not catch the intruder but it did help me get more information to help protect me from the threat and also gave me info to start investigating the situation.

The report, I  realized was important to get to escalate my situation but the evidence I had to supply was bare but yet sufficient enough to help me report the incident to the police as suspicious activity, and also was available for me to send to my antivirus company for further research.



2.”Norton Power Eraser”; Norton Rescue Tools;

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Network Segmentation

By Kamini Kandica Abdool On the whole a network is setup to interconnect different offices, spaces, groups, servers, workstations, people and even countries. This best supports the needs to provide better communication, management, access and function. Yet, or reason such as authority, it is important to keep parts of networks segmented.

Most companies and governments do this to keep assigned functions and tasks available just for those that they are meant to be assigned to. Some do it to keep privacy intact and others to restrict information travel while countries do it for all of the above.

Simple tasks such as segmentation become important under compliance as responsibility request and needs demand. Segmentation is important to recognize and is listed as an important task in any sector to commits to policies, procedure and borders.

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Testing In Technology – Necessary Functions

kaminiBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

Things break an cannot be repaired , things malfunction, things function as if they were repaired, things repair but don’t function the same and other are not repairable at all.  In technology itself all these repairs and un-repairables can be problematic. All these,  are reasons why testing is important, especially for the above listed in technology.

The other day I discussed in detail the necessities for redundancy and now testing.  Testing is usually incorporated into hierarchy prior to redundancy for reasonable and appropriate business to business interaction and communication. The requirements and standards o.f everyday business to business interaction state that privacy and safety standards must be met for hardware and policies to be fully incorporated in working security exchanges – definitely so, in any environment that uses technology

To prepare for any situation and to migrate to it, testing is required to ensure that all precautions are considered and needs are met. This happens in many ways but to briefly describe and state, testing is done in phases that normally resemble the sequence of Preparation, Installation, and Migration, presuming that all prior needs are met to release the idea, infrastructure change, or technology.

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Technology and Security Update for Cyber Safety

love this baby!

By Kamini K Abdool

Cyber space,  with vast amounts of information from being the dump-ground of the Internet, has recently been updated to be a better resource for Cyber Safety.

Technology recently updated with consideration to Cloud Technology invented by Microsoft and the security it required to provide a better security exchange system that will also better Cyber Safety and Online Security.

Much attention in this effort has been made to issues such as privacy and invasion of privacy, especially in Social Media and communication that can curtail invaders of privacy, hackers, and thieves and others.  This is one of the rewards that sorting Internet information using Cloud Technology and Infrastructures have provided.

In addition, new and advanced security and exchange systems have been implemented by companies like Trend Micro and Symantec to facilitate clean data exchange and communication in a more rapid way, decreasing hazards and increasing safety.

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