Today I’m in Danger: The Physical Hazard of Working in I

Today I’m in Danger: The Hazards of Working in IT

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

I am an It Professional that suffers from the trauma of hackers and eavesdropper whenever I try to return to my profession.  I was an entrepreneur that owned a small IT project workshop called Tech Help Inc.  My workbench and my shop became my favorite places after a while because there, I was safe.  Moving from customer to customer put me at risk of being damaged by the mistakes of the clients that I had.  I cut here, a nick there, here and there then became everywhere.  How?  You want to think that it’s from a misplaced piece of equipment right?  Right but the one you think.

My bruises came from the static that reach forward from the computers and the networks that they were one.  Somehow, my dream job became a hazard to my health, and so hazardous that I had to move on.  So why I am writing this today?  Because five years ago, I helped to protect my clients and myself from these disasters by barring hackers from there network and now today, as I am about to enter into this field again, I am faced with the same dangers. Why o why…?  Why today?
It’s disaster and trauma is not what I want in my future but IT is.  So hopefully the education that you find in this article will help prevent that from me and other IT professionals like yourself or someone you may one day hire.
My objectives and my goals are reachable but safety is the issue.  Here IT security is the issue and also the solution.  With optimal security and increased fire power, oops I mean firewall in place to block the attackers, I can get better right?  Wrong….. A firewall isn’t enough, it improves the situation but the key is to remove these security hazards by not just adding a firewall, but to stop hackers from coming into your network by preventing the unknowing end user from reaching out to them.
How do you do this?  Easily you can curtails users from sending provocative emails and receiving humorous or extreme emails.  Another preventative measure is to create a better working relationship with your I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider).  A more manageable relationship with the company that provides your internet service is better to protect your environment because they are able to notify you when your being attacked by spammers or when there is more than normal activity on your network.  The third and most important thing is to listen with safety in mind when discussing alternative for a safer and more secure network. Paying attention and knowing what IT solutions you’re receiving is important and keeps both you and your IT professional safer.
Keep in mind these few tips to improving your service and providing better and safer opportunities for you and your staff.


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BA in Sociology - Temple University - December 2009 Microsoft Small Business Certificate - 2006 Current Endeavors - Volunteer at the World Tribute Center; Employee at Home Depot and Path Mark Against ANY KIND of terrorism, I don't smoke and I don't use non-prescription narcotics just the regular over-the-counter kind!!!!
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