Safety and Security in IT

IT begins at hardware.  When tackling any IT project, it’s important to remember that your project will only be as good as your hardware is.  IT, uh…. excuse me I mean ‘it’, oops, because of course it’s not the same,is it? It , the hardware I mean, it the foundation for safety and security in your project and will provide the same thing for your patrons.

Start with the network outlets and work your way up.  Make sure that are up to safety standard and then check yo cables.  Replace any that fringing or have exposed wires so that static will be a minimal problem.  Next, pen up the CPU, oops, again, people think I referring to the processor right? No, I’m actually referring to the box that hold the processor, the motherboard, etc.  Open it up and clear all the dust and debris, using a mask, so that the CPU can operate again like a serviced engine.  Believe it or not, it provides a cleaner and safer environment for the end-user and you and gives you a cleaner slate, can’t say blank, because it still has an OS, operating system that is, and other programs using the same hard drive. Once we reach this point, it’s time to analyze the computer for space, memory, processor speed, security and security updates.  Make sure to check your resources to ensure an up to standard computer according to Microsoft, Linux, or Apple OS regulations.

Last but not least, speak in layman’s terms.  Believe it or not, not end users are not as proficient as you when it comes to the new IT lingo and they might become confused and accept something that is not conducive to their business.  To avoid this and keep up with safer and better business practice, keep your patrons informed at every step of the way in a means that is understandable and that will facilitate a less stressful environment and bring your project to completion as normal as possible.

Once complete, you will be able to better deliver and discuss the deliverable of your projects to your patrons without safety in mind at all times.  Always remember that the fundamentals are important when providing solutions for the end-user, at that starts before the project at times, it starts at hardware.



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