Cybersecurity Strategy Defined to Fight Cyber Crime

AHHHHHHHhhhhhh! I want to scream. I thought I was getting ahead of myself but it turns out I’m not going fast enough. I’m trying to dispense the pattern that cyber crime is taking and took a break to pay attention to JOhnny Depp because, because, because???? Okay I don’t know why but I did it and too be fair it had to do with cyber crime. But now back to business!!!! Cyber crime is unwinding in discussion everywhere and even in the newspapers. At least in the tri-state area in the United States.
” The FBI has never faced a more complex threat environment than it does today, whether one considers terrorism, espionage, cyber-based attacks, or traditional crimes. Indeed, during the past year, the FBI has faced an extraordinary range of national security and criminal threats.”(Robert S. Meuller, III)

Along with that is coming forward the discussion of cyber strategies and how the US is using that to combat warfare and terrorism – using what? A cyber strategy. I have to carefully explain that because there are a few misconceptions and assumption associated with that and I want to make sure that you the reader understand the difference between a cyber crime, a cyber strategy and how both are used and why the thin line that doesn’t currently exist, might one day, like today.

But this has been in the works for a while now. To demonstrate their readiness, the FBI instituted new department specifically designated to cyber crimes and its catastrophes. I addition, on September 15, 2010, NATO called a meeting to discuss the agenda of cyber crime and terrorism to which US Defense Secretary William Lynn discussed the US possibilities.

” ‘BRUSSELS, Belgium, , Sept. 15, 2010 – Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III detailed the Defense Department’s new cyber-security strategy here today.’ ” ( J.Garamone)
What is a cyber-security strategy? In reference to defending against cyber crime, it is a strategy put together to combat the crime. Please don’t be confused and be careful with your research, the criminals used this term as well, and there it is a mechanism to protect themselves from getting caught.
“There were the arrests last summer of 10 Russian spies, known as “illegals,” who secretly blended into American society, committed to the long-term goal of clandestinely gathering information for Russia. There was the disclosure of thousands of classified United States diplomatic cables and other documents by WikiLeaks. There was the cyber intrusion at Google as well as countless other cyber incidents that threatened to undermine the integrity of the Internet and to victimize the businesses and people who rely on it.” (Robert S. Mueller)
In situations like this a cybersecurity strategy is important to have when combatting crime and in general, it is an investigation followed by approriate means of infiltrating the crime zone – with cyber crimes it would be a cyber space – followedd by security mechanisms – possibly a patch – to stop the crime from traveling further – and an attempt to arrest the criminals and recover vital security or monetary losses. As an example….
” Lynn – who spoke at a gathering sponsored by the Security and Defense Agenda after meetings at NATO and the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe on cybersecurity – described the strategy as having five “pillars” “. (J. Garramore)
The strategy here is one developed with NATO to recognize that the Department of Defense is considering that cyber crime is a problem and on befhalf of the United States is trying to secure a strategy that will be sucessful by segmenting the strategy in five different pilars that separately will function to combat cyber crime and together will combine as a safety measure. What are they and how will this happen? Let’s find out……
” ‘The first pillar is the recognition that cyberspace is a new domain of warfare,’ Lynn said.
‘The strategy’s second pillar is defenses that go beyond passive ones. “You cannot have a fortress mentality in this arena,” he said.
‘The third pillar is to ensure the safety of critical infrastructures. “It won’t do any good to protect military networks if your power goes down,” said the deputy secretary explained.
‘Collective defense is the strategy’s fourth pillar. “There is a strong logic to collective defense in the cyber arena,” Lynn said. “The more attack signatures you are able to detect early and build those into your defenses, the stronger your defenses will be.’
‘The fifth pillar,’ Lynn said, is to keep the technological advantage.’ ” (J.Garramore quoting William Lynn, US Secretary of Defense)

Not only does this strategy recognize the problem, but it puts into place steps to ensure optimal security for end users and also ensures secure travel and storage for confidential documents and fiberware. It show understanding and has potential for solving most of these issues and reduction of crime. But…..but….but…. I have a few buts here and I do because I don’t want to miss the mark on this one. Pilar three came with a significant addition that transpired more than defense to me. Let’s recap….. oooops, I didn’t event add that quote in. Pardon me, please…..
“ Like air, sea, land and space, we’re going to have to treat cyberspace as an arena where we need to defend our networks and to be able to operate freely,” he explained. ” (J.Garramore quoting William Lynn, US Secretary of Defense)
Okay, I agree…… defending our environment is important and proper security measures should be in place to protect us – the general population – the end users that frequently use this environment as a work space or at times for leisure.
‘There are obvious differences, the deputy secretary acknowledged. Cyberspace is man-made, he said, and much of the infrastructure is in private hands. But this does not mean it’s not critical to military effectiveness,’ he added.” (J.Garramore quoting William Lynn, US Secretary of Defense)
No I don’t feel like throwing up, I just wanted to skip through the redundancy. This is my article, not really up for re-quoting someone else whole piece. But I want to get to the facts and not be misguided. This is a topic that is important and the facts should be the facts. I’m trying to get to the one insert that no one evr expects, you know, the one that gets thrown in like a fine line on a contact that we want to read and don’t?
“ ‘We need active defenses, using sensors that are able to act at network speed to detect and then block the attacks on our networks.’
‘You also need the ability to hunt and attack on your own networks to get the intruders who do get past the initial defenses,’ he said.” (J.Garramore quoting William Lynn, US Secretary of Defense)

Uh…oh…. Here it is…..
I agree, I disagree. I’m nervous at this disclosure. I am trying to get more securty experience here why? Because I want to raise awareness and help people become more secure. I AM NOT OKAY with this or any government haveing the ‘ability to hunt and attack’. We are the end users and an internet war ws not on my plan list for my future endeavors.
“He likened this pillar to the Cold War strategy of shared early warning. ‘Just as our missile defenses have been linked, so too, our cyber defenses have to be linked as well,’ the deputy secretary said. ” (J.Garramore quoting William Lynn, US Secretary of Defense)
Ahmmmm….. what? The Cold War????? On my computer screen? I’m already in the cross-fire and you want the ability to attack? That’s what I want to say. I want to laugh an cry…. are you bleeping kidding me? Please audience, read and comment. Let people know what you think and do what I’m trying to do here. educate yourself and ask questions.
This is a little more serious and it takes more involvement thatn me or your ISP….. This is something that people like myself come together and conference about and discuss possible solutions to which we transmit to the government in hopes that they realize that these computers are not human and sometimes can’t differentiate. It’s up to us to write letters and suggest to the government not just through voting but with our opinions, that we want them to defend us not attack us.
We have resources. We have the electorals who bring votes to Congress, and also our Senators and Congressmen. Reach out and try to make difference. It’s important. If not, the Cold War might show up in our homes, maybe it’s already here????? Who knows??? The Department of Defense might.
Please not that there are two other cybersecurity plans that were just issued by the Obama administration as well but specifically here, the discussion does not include them but just the one dispensed by the Department of Defense.

Resources:; Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; March 30, 2011; Robert S. Meuller III. Verified online 6/2/2011.; Lynn Explains U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy; Jim Garamone; Sept 15, 2011; American Forces Press Service; Link Verified 6/1/2011.


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