US Cyber Strategies on the Verge and It’s Impact on Globalization and National Security

by Kamini Kandica Abdool

“The Obama administration announced two cyber-security strategies over the past week – one national and one international – that will bring governance to cyberspace. A third cyberspace strategy from the Department of Defense is also scheduled for release soon.
“The three strategies will have an overarching reach, aiming to secure computer networks of the United States and its international partners, while promoting Internet freedom and cracking down on cyber crime. Cyberspace meanwhile will be designated a field of warfare on par with any other, and cyber-attacks from foreign regimes will be regarded in a manner similar to a military attack.” ( The Epoch Times New York Edition; A2; May 20, 2011)

I’ve been writing about cyber crime and the hazards of it for the past five weeks or so and what do you know – ‘the cat’s out of the bag’, a cyber-security strategy or more than one for that matter just appeared on the market. “Great news,” I thought as I saw the headline in a New York newspaper, but then I realized as I read further that it was only great up to the point where warfare was proposed. Why? Because it gives my computer opportunity without cause. It makes me a possible component and a victim and I’m not okay with that. I’m a good girl that follows the law. I’m angry, I’m furious but I’m still thinking about the positive and negatives here.

I already wrote about the Department of defense and the admission that attack tools might be on the brink and now it’s time to discuss these new strategies that the Obama administration is trying to release. It’s time for me, along with you to pay close attention to the internet and the game board that its providing for terrorism and counterterrorism right now. Did you get that? We are about to embark into a world of cyber-terrorism and warfare. We, the general public and home makers will face the deadly and nasty terrorists online.

Before I delve into the mix and use my words to mangle this potential hazard. I want to analyze the strategies and share with you my opinions on the right and wrongs of it, from my perspective, as a person with an extensive background in Information Technology and a present and possible lucrative future in the same venue.

Are we trained to do? Isn’t that too militaristic for the soccer Mom and her kids in the mini-van? I think it is. I’m not in her shoes and don’t want to be but even from my geek-a-zoid techie perspective, it’s a little tooo much for the government to expect. This is something, that the Department of Defense and NATO should take charge of by defending us, the people that are residents and citizens of this country and it is unfair to place us in the middle of the gameboard so to speak with limited or no experience.
Why is the Department of Defense more qualified than we are for this job? Because they have the expertise and the right to take action. What do I mean by that? They are the first second tier of defense that this country has. They have opportunity and authority to investigate and report crimes, as well as to take measure to defend us against it.
Where do we have a say here? The first line, is the military, the the investigators, or the Department of Defense, including the FBI, DEA, and the military police, followd by the intelligence units or CIA, then those that prosecute offenders or uphold the laws which, believe it or not, includes us. There we have a say. Cyber crime is fairly new and old as well. In the past, we’ve dealt with cyber crimes such as piracy, identity theft and software infringement. But these days cyber crime has graduated into the worse and most unforseen types of danger. Terrorists have officially entered and what we refer to as the Cold War has begun.

We can take charge by contacting local and national officials to help challenge these attackers by using the laws that govern cyber spaces to secure our parameters against attack. This will reduce the risks to the end-users and also tech gurus, security agents, and the defenders in place. Worldwide problem? Yes, one that not just National security should deal with but NATO and the United Nations as well. I myself was already struck by static and my poor ISP tech had to leave without fixing the issue because he felt the same thing. War games hitting amiss? Who knows…..
What to do then? Well, we tried to reduce the static in our home ourselves and clean up our computer environment enough to work or browse. We also cater these to just work on this computer and very rarely use it for social interaction. Whenever I have the time, I try to shoot Facebook a few emails to help reduce the risks to my privacy and try to upgrade my computer according to the required security guidelines.

Right now, I’m safer but I’m worried for you and me because we are at risk to be caught in war that we are unprepared for. I feel like I’m in Troy staring at a Trojan horse and I’m not sure what we should do. The best way around this I see, is to keep talking about it so let’s try…. our lives may depend or be affected by it. Technology knows the future is equipped but alas the robots should not replace the humans, and teh computerized mind has no emotions. So, you, behind that laser weapon if you’re reading, what will you do when you obliterate us humans just like you? Laughingly, my boyfriend said last night, “Last I checked, I still can’t F@&* that computer.”

The Epoch Times, New York Edition; A2; “White House Proposes New Cyber Strategies”; Joshua Philipp; May 20, 2011.


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