Cyber Activity Reaching Kids – Cyber Safety Precautions. by Kamini Kandica Abdool

“The US Federal Trade Commission has just released an excellent new booklet to advise parents and children about cyber safety……Let’s keep our children safe.” (Mark Parkinson) Thanks to Mark Parkinson, I got the booklet:

Shawn Henry warns about the dangers of pedophiles who use the Internet to lure children to meet them for sex. He calls on parents to communicate with their kids about their online activities and ensure they have the tools they need to recognize, avoid, and report online dangers. – . (FBI paraphrasing Shawn Henry)
Thanks to Shawn Henry of the FBI, I know that cyber safety is important and that predators truly exist.

Here is another resource. Like Mark Parkinson, a school administrator and Shawn Henry, an FBI agent, many are currently concerned about child safety and the internet making cyber safety an important discussion these days.
These days, children are more technologically versed than ever before. As a matter of fact, it is frequent that after each school day and many times during school hours, their are kids chatting on the computer, emailing each other frequently, and texting from mobile phones. All these types of media encourage cyber crime and sometimes sex crimes if the behavior is noticed. Some sex offenders are attracted to this type of behavior and begin to profile these kids. Their behavior then extends to contact and later to internet contact. This can quickly escalate in the offender hacking your home computer, stealing your personal information, and trying to engage in a sexual relationship with your child.
You are able to use the same computer to stop this from escalaing past the first contact by protecting yourself and your child using the same computer. You can facilitate this by updating your compute regularly according to the antivirus and operating syste that your computer uses, you are also able to change your privacy settings to eliminate sexual content, pornography sites, and chat rooms. Ever so often send your child and email, and once you receive a reply, you may forward this to your internet service provider to verify that your child’s email is safe and not making a pit-stop to an offender who may be hacking.
In addition talking is of course important, but I write about the computer side of things. It’s okay to show written information to your kids. It can help in delivering the message. Here again is the pamphlet that Mark Parkinson blogged about to facilitate discussion.

Being safer and knowing how is important. Please encourage cyber safety with your children.
Resources:; Mark Parkinson; Word Press Blog; 12/18/2009.; FBI paraphrasing Shawn Henry (FBI Director);; 05/16/2011.; Online Onguard.


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  1. Thank you. I try to write for the end user and the IT professional at the same time.

    If you have tips, please let me know.


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