Stop Wireless Hacking and Danger Zone Traffic

By Kamini Kandica Abdool
These days torture and mayhem has entered our environment in a detrimental way. Cyber threats that used to be just piracy has taken on a new endeavor to attack the general population of the world. The new terroristic weaponry these days is the wireless network that are prevalent in every environment these days.

“Some words to the wise: if you have a wireless Internet or network connection, make sure you’ve got the best possible security measures in place. And don’t delay.

Why? We’ve recently learned that the basic protection against intruders—Wireless Encryption Protocol, or WEP—is increasingly vulnerable to accomplished hackers.”  (FBI)
Wireless networks are already prone to hacking and infiltration at a distance of 60 feet outside the parameter of the building where it is housed. Because of this strong security and passwords are required. But the unassuming businesses sometimes neglect to stop there network from divulging itself to these hackers. This makes then not only susceptible to the hacking our terrorists and other online pirates but it also enhances the equipment in the building causing mild burning and electrical static cling.
These days even if the business runs a mainframe server with hard coding, there is usually a wireless attachment that comes but is normally unaware of. This poses a problem and becomes the source f heavy traffic and invaders. These invaders as pirates steal financial information primarily but these days the threat is much more with network that includes terrorists. Terrirists use the network these days to ilently create an atmosphere where your equipment, computers included eventually attack you. Right now the danger zone is very evident and a cyber war zone is apparent. The US goverment at this point, with NAO have discussed the threat of this new type of terrorism and have made strategies to try and protect the population. The problem here is that the realization of the extent of this catasthrope hasn’t yet been noticed efficiently and the unaware citizens are becoming the victims.
Another highly used form of wireless traffic comes from cell phines with internet access, iPods, and iPhones. The pose a threat that many are not aware of and expose viruses in the harware that use the cell phine wireless signal to attract the wireless modem on your router.
How do you know if your place of business is affected? Well the most evident sign is dust accumulation. Dust accumulation present arount breaker stations and security alarms are a definite sign of hacking attacks and piracy. Why do we know this? Because the output of electricity is not normal and creates an intense amount of static that attract a significan amount of dust from te floor and resembles a fabric made of dust with noticeable threading.

“There’s a lot of information out there about making your wireless system more secure,” says James E. Finch, assistant director of our Cyber Division. “We recommend taking a layered security approach. That is, throw as many locks on the computer to thwart these hackers as possible.” (Finch quoted by FBI)
I wanted to say two days ago that cleaning away the dust mites that accumulate will resolve the problem but it doesn’t. It just hides the problem and it continues to facilitate a growing current in the environment. The best way here to lessen this problem and minimize the risk to the business, associates and clients is to monitor and investigate the reach of the wireless network. Contact your IT providers immediately and discuss the capabilities of your environemt. Try to reduce or close all wireless ports if your business depend on a mainframe server solely. Use a firewall to block incoming traffic that is not business appropriate. Also curtail the use of websites that provide past-times that include gambling, sex and pornography, spamming, toolbars, fantasy and torture. Limit the use of cell phones, iPods and iPhones in your work environment and try to eliminate the wireless connections that it creates.
Many cell phone companies extend there network to give wireless signals everywhere and these days, the signal acculuates to such an extent that we all walk in electricity without even knowing. This dilemna is left to IT professional like myself to raise the issue with the cell phone companies themselves. T-Mobile was one company that have this extreme type of static and have now been taken over by AT&T who has more experience with cell phone and telephone networking to control this type of accumation. According to sources, they are currently working with Bell Atlantic, not to be confused with Verizon, to curtail this risk that affects us all and create noise pollution and electrical walls throughout our communities. Another effort to curtail this are the green projects and new park structures that are appearing in our city areas and lesson housing and warehouse developments.
This has been an ongoing problem that affects all Ameicans these. It cause injries that include electrical burns, headaches, extreme sunburn that begin from static accumulation and painfuls joints and sometimes extreme toothaches. If this occurs frequently when you are at work or arounf several computers of electrical wiring, including stree wiring, contact your physician immediately and try to treat the symptoms. In addition contact the FBI cyber unit immediately and describe scenarios that show that you are a possible victim.
The best solution at this point is to protect your businesses from piract and hacking nd reduce the risk of terrorism attacks in your place of work. Believe it or not, this will reduce the risk for persons at home.
Be aware users and companies that this threat really exists. Reasearch for yourselves with the FBI and Homeland security the measure to take to stop this type of terrorism if you investigate and find that you are a victim.

Reference: ; FBI article, 2011.


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