Email Scams and Terroristic Intentions

By Kamini K Abdool

Everyday now there is a warning about the difficulties that email scams are forwarding to end users. More than ever now, the FBI is paying attention and patrons are adviced to look more into this information for their own protection and safety. Along with normal safety precautions, find out what other types of safety mechanisms are available to you by contacting the FBI Cyber Security team.

I hate to sound like I’m plugging the FBI, in layman’s terms, that means giving them publicity, not plugging into their network, hahaha… a little IT humor. But seriously, that is also a problem. The issue with email scams is exactly that, they plug into our computers and make us think it’s cool while, it’s really not. These days with new advancements in virtual terrorism, these scams can involve you in dangerous world unbeknownst to you.

Please protect yourself.

Resources:; FBI


About kaminikandicaabdool

BA in Sociology - Temple University - December 2009 Microsoft Small Business Certificate - 2006 Current Endeavors - Volunteer at the World Tribute Center; Employee at Home Depot and Path Mark Against ANY KIND of terrorism, I don't smoke and I don't use non-prescription narcotics just the regular over-the-counter kind!!!!
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