The Trickle to Terrorism From Online Crime

Kamini Kandica Abdool

A great question came up from my blog and the interesting thing about the question is that my article the resource had a shortcoming. It brought forth awareness but it did not fully answer that potential questions that arise. The article “Email Scams and Terroristic Intentions,” itself was informational and provided an FBI resource and warning. While writing the article, I felt like I was regurgitating the information that the FBI supplied and neglected to pay attention to the fact that information on how to remedy the situation.
Have you ever gotten an email that offered you 1.5 billion or more dollars to assist in money movement? Believe it or that amount of money is sometimes really available by just responding. But where does it come from? It’s very difficult to assume that the entire request is real. I read my spam a lot of times and sometimes, I get the different emails from the same person with the same request. I mean how many times is that guy going to inherit money? Pun intended… I don’t know, I don’t know. But why are you getting so many emails from that guy and why is he so many different amounts that he is willing to share? Is it same to assume where the money is coming? Not really, but it can have many sources.
Cyber crime can begin there by offering money to be exchanged and moved from country to country, and though it may seem legal, it’s not. If its real, it could be a form of money laundering for piracy, infringement, theft, or to facilitate new relationship for possibel future criminal interactions. Terrorists and pirates need a network too.
I remember when I was looking for a job, I got an offer to collect funds for an online vendor Mr. Smith with a five percent retainer for me, just for me, sounds great right? The first check came in and it was 6K, that’s six thousand dollars…. “big pimping, spending G’s,” jeez, not only was my five percent a fake but the chack was too. Wow…. thank goodness for fraud protection from my bank otherwise I would be out of money with a large debt to Mr. Smith who, mind you forwarded me a fake check…. that guy even had the nerve to ask for the money. Needless to say I terminated my position immediately… I mean RIGHT AWAY. I am far away now from being that gullable.
I moved in but wanted to remind people that the initial spam can lead to terrorism in as simple as:
spam > action > piracy > new ontact > bigger criminal options > new conTACTS… attention to SSS > terrorist contacts > terrorism — cyber games > terrorism — identity theft and assumption > terrorim —- black market sale > terrorism.
Apparently, it’s easier than you thought to become a terrorist. But with careful intent to understand and even better comprehension, you can protect yourself and help break the chain. I’m not telling you read your spam because it may contain a virus — I do because I’m a write in that field and I use it for research in technology security — but pay close attention to the emails and the requests that you receive. the friendliest email from a friend — for lack of a better word — can be criminal without you realizing it. The thing I do the most when reading my emails, is to take a minute and think about it. If I feel threatened, I contact a more resourceful person that can help.
If you’re in that situation, think about it, contact the police if you feel it’s criminal and notify the person so that they know not to ask again.

Telling them that they made a bad move will deter them from contacting you again with such offers and might also encourage them to think twice themselves. Again the FBI is a good resource and you can always forwards those inheritance emails to Robert Meuller at the FBI by emailing him at ( ). He is a real person and one that pays attention. Be aware and beware, the threat are realer, I don’t know if that’s word (huh) anyway, the threat are realer than you think.

By Mr. Smith…. forever.


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