Gaming and Games – Who’s Playing?

Kamini Kandica Abdool

Gambling is a game. It extends from casinos to online casinos, stocks, foreign trade, labor. It seems that wherever you turn these days someone’s playing whether it be online or in person, we the world are influenced and included in games without honest realization. Online we are also now subject to games that encourage real life habits so much so that they are moved into worlds that provide a genre for fantasy and recreation of real life symptoms and practices that might or might not be illegal but are not subject to appropriate monitoring.

Online games on MSN were once a puzzle to me. As a kid they were a mystery because they didn’t exist for me, but Atari did. I read everywhere these days that the internet was incepted in 1991 by the consortium, I even wrote a paper on it but my own sense of security is a little disturbed, especially when I had my first experience on an Apple flat-top in 1989 in a high school in Jersey City. Is that too far apart? No absolutely not. Bill Gates began famous shortly after that with the Windows rolll-out. So, from the timeline, I can honestly say that the internet came into view in 1991 as they said. Avatars, online trading right at reach, casinos are money gaming are the new opportunities in gaming.

Trading is a game and subject to addictions such as money laundering and illegal tipping. Day trading is the most common and is highly available although the rules request not. The rules say it is only appropriate on the NYSE floor or through live, full service brokerages, however, however, hmmm I know I didn’t stutter but it seems that someone else should. Someone should what, what their way out of the problems associated with the number of illegal trades and marginal activity that is transmitted basis, but not passing the Series & stops me from deliberating on the rules of trading. Except, as an investor myself, I am also subject to rules and understand that consideration should be placed when trading and illegal trading can sshut me down, (musical interlude, not a stutter) so why not others? Close to that can get a monitor on me and my investment so why isn’t stop tipping and money laundering still available?

Why all the banter?

Why am I discussing such events? Because they affect the standars that I set for myself. The rules of my life and the lives of others seem to be subject to the rules of the games of trading places and money, online gaming environments, and entertainment. I like a fun filled life and one that’s somewhat exciting but these days, it seems like work to work, work to play around, and work to relax. That’s a lot of work and for what purpose? To get into a game that you or I don’t want. Who are the Avatars, the controllers and the comp-trollers? The money managers are our friends and enemies of course but who are we in this economy, this investment in our life, our future, our social life, our own idea of entertainment? Are we the controllers there? We shoulds be.

Excuse the banter.

I am so caught in games these days without my ask. Ahhhhh, I want to scream. I just want to speak my mind. My my. I’m out of it but they try to bring me back again. I don’t know wher to begin, or to end. Iwant ro call it arap song but I think this is going down. Dow dow, Bow down, sow now, the benefits of yourself, of myself, I expect no less, I try for no less, I want no less than for the bad, the overly much, the overtly unequal to be removed to go back to what’s fair, to encourage normalcy. I’m one for normalcy to be reduced tfrom all this gaming entertainment that consumes us all. The relaxation it promises is not the deliverable and is missing the end result of happiness bringing normalcy to a higher potential of stress. The wakinghours are becoming too many and the hours of rest seem insignificant to this new society.

I’m beginning again to travel back to find what used to be normal for me. THe fairy tales, that come through, came through because we put effort in making them true. Just the same, the past idea of normalcy can be returned with peaceful opportunities and down time. Much more down time thatwe have now. An opporunity to enjoy the environment, the life around us and the beauty that exists. I want that. I want to leave the games behind, pay attention the rules that were once and still our foundation and move on. Move on to my past idea of normal and shed the current one. The needs that necessitate this, request less the current gaming entertainment that isn’t and the past ones that are.


About kaminikandicaabdool

BA in Sociology - Temple University - December 2009 Microsoft Small Business Certificate - 2006 Current Endeavors - Volunteer at the World Tribute Center; Employee at Home Depot and Path Mark Against ANY KIND of terrorism, I don't smoke and I don't use non-prescription narcotics just the regular over-the-counter kind!!!!
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