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Disaster Strikes and Gets Taken Care of You’d Think…. Your Chance is in Your Try

Kamini Kandica Abdool Remember all those articles about cell phones causing brain damage?  They happened and happened and people laughed about it.  They joked about it and took it less than seriously. Some poked fun and others said “hmmmm, … … Continue reading

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“The EavesDropping Bomb”- The New Weapon in Terrorism

By Kamini Kandica Abdool We all hear this everyday but no one wants to talk or discuss it I thought.  Once in a while a friend or two decides that it’s too much, this constant interference into our lives by … Continue reading

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Online Gambling and Why It’s still Illegal

By Kamini Kandica Abdool I gave myself a heads up on the importance of knowing the facts and a timeline to discuss the issues that concerned me. I am not a heavy gambler but like most, i tend to lounge … Continue reading

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