Online Gambling and Why It’s still Illegal

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

I gave myself a heads up on the importance of knowing the facts and a timeline to discuss the issues that concerned me. I am not a heavy gambler but like most, i tend to lounge around the slot machines at the casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas when I visit.

Slot machines are he beginnings of the road to serious gambling. From there you work up to games like 21 (I feel like I’m in high school), Roulette, or what that one called? the one they play in the breakfast nook at the Flamingo? I don’t know but I still wondering about slot machines, they ring a bell, a chime, a whatever it sounds like when money’s falling. All great sounds that I enjoy when I visit. Because of that I guess I don’t get the fascination of online gambling.

Online gambling is one of the most addicting types of gambling. They offer big games like poker and roulette but most frequently, the chance is in the slots again. The low result high impact games it seems are getting the attention and the high payouts have the same probability – online…. I mean.


Online Gambling is illegal because the appropriate licenses that are required to fulfill such a requirement is not available.  It is difficult to manage and curtail such environments because of the large population of users and also because of the addictive quality of the site or site.

Studies have found that people spend more in online gambling environments than casinos because they are less attentive to the amount spent and is more interested in the lesser cost to gamble and point that are returned.

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Poker on the floor has what, expertise, conversation, interaction and don’t forget the poker faces and the occasional fake or real cig…. while the online versions of casino seems so impersonal with little or no communication. I find that boring. By the way, has anyone realized yet that these casinos and cash environments are illegal??? So many get used to this form of entertainment but there is no legal means of monitoring these games and they show up as affiliates of black market trade and money laundering activity.

The secondary problems to casino online is the potential risks of viruses and mining that can corrupt systems and steal data. Just like other forms of entertainment, this form is subject to network building but the dangerous kind. The kind that encourages dangerous activity and risky torrential relationships.

How to curtail and protect against this? Stop, report, disuse.


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