Disaster Strikes and Gets Taken Care of You’d Think…. Your Chance is in Your Try

Kamini Kandica Abdool
Remember all those articles about cell phones causing brain damage?  They happened and happened and people laughed about it.  They joked about it and took it less than seriously. Some poked fun and others said “hmmmm, … I don’t know about that”.  I was somewhere in between there, somewhere.
Somewhere closer I should have been and paying attention too.  The frustration about it is that I now, I think that closer to true than anyone knew.  For years I’ve been having trouble with hackers, online stalkers and prank callers.  I used to have a small computer shop in Jersey City and close to the closing….close to the closing,  better words are near the closing of my business, I received a number of unwanted phone calls that warranted police reports and restraining orders.  I actually went through the process of getting that done at least once.
I wish I could do that now…. dis I just write that?  Four years ago, I was able to reverse lookup a phone number and file a report in a precinct about someone harassing me.  ABout four years ago, I read somewhere that cell phones can cause brain damage.  Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from and “Unknown Caller” that’s been harassing me for at least six months and almost didn’t get a police report for it.  The call itself was short but with it came a slight headache and fatigue in my right shoulder, the shoulder of the hand I used to pick up the call.
More trouble…. I call the phone company today because two days ago….. today is Friday November 11, 2011 and two days ago, November 9, 2011, I received more than one phone call that I did not pick up from an unknown caller.  The call itself produced soooo much pain even though the phone was at a distance that I have to leave the parking lot of the supermarket where I work and ask if I could turn around and go back home.  I woke up a few hours later with swollen and bruised right eye.  It looked  so bad, I have to get a picture of it as evidence just in case.
From the sound of the support call to T-Mobile, it would sound as if I didn’t get anywhere ut I did.  I simply stated what occurred and they told me three very important things….. 1 is that the phone network was not an issue and no increased static was noticed in the area to propogate any danger at present…. 2 A case could not be created but I could call back to troubleshoot my phone and…3  I have the option to change my number but at present, they don’t offer a utility to block unwanted phone calls.
It doesn’t sound like much but I have another option, the option is to create a record on the support site of my cell phone company, and another is to write this blog to keep others informed.  I’m taking care of one right now and I even followed up with another person’s blog to ask for more information.  I also looked into the support resources and found that they had several third party tools that might be helpful to me in the future to reduce such calls.  One such, is a utility called “Block Em”  and for $5.99 more a month I just might have that ability.  Scared?  A little but more freaked that the cell phone thing is really real.  I knew that before and also experience it but I finally have enough information to write about it.
I hope people don’t do this on purpose to let people know that it’s real…. that would be a really disturbing way to bring attention to an ongoing issue, it is also especially terroristic.. ugh…. please don’t even in the event of hysterical outbursts.  I’m in pain too and file complaints with the FBI every day online.
I don’t want anyone’s pain and due-ly note that my articles are based on the symptoms and issues that I experience and so I try to help others be as informed.  I hope that together this can be alleviated and together we can move on.  On a positive note more than 99 % of the world’s population choose not to be terrorists, so can you.


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BA in Sociology - Temple University - December 2009 Microsoft Small Business Certificate - 2006 Current Endeavors - Volunteer at the World Tribute Center; Employee at Home Depot and Path Mark Against ANY KIND of terrorism, I don't smoke and I don't use non-prescription narcotics just the regular over-the-counter kind!!!!
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