Recycling Technology and Removing Crime

Kamini Kandica Abdool

Remember when Windows 98 was the most stable operating system around? I do, it was my favorite of all the systems that Bill Gates put together with Microsoft. It was so well put together that it outlasted Windows 2000 and still stayed stronger until about 2004 when Windows XP came out. Now that Microsoft has grown so tremendously, it seems that the amount of operating systems did as well. Now we have over 8 different types of servers all released within the past 5 years and more than 3 different types of operating systems, (XP, Vista, Windows 7, and most likely another one in the future) not to mention the ever changing Office package.

My problem with this large number of new software products is that it forget to consider the strenght of the build. This new technology, money savvy as it if is making the climb in dollars but not in reliability. True that Windows 98 came with the old technology of AOL (remember that? how but Netscape Navigator? lol…oldie but goodie I am in this industry) and… old it is but I keep coming back to that because it was one of the last pieces of software that Bill Gates himself wrote. The command promt was my favorite part, (ooh ooh ooh, I can pretend to be important today, I know how to erase drive c:, it’s c:/format; partition 100%; format; new partition) and we’re ready to move on to a fresh clean install.

Now he oversees, now the software his company produces become second nature to other software giants and third-party vendors. Even Apple came along on the choo-choo train and implemented Microsoft’s Office package. Good idea? No, a changing and changeable idea. With this in mind, the key concepts that reign the deceloping area of Microsoft’s top software rollouts these days surround versatility. It’s like play dough when you get your hands on it. You can mold it into whatever you want, supposedly. I’m bored. I’m not inspired. I decide that instead of manning the Microsoft website on a daily basis. I go there to look for solutions for my current operating system and I find a brand new Microsoft operating system in the now, not the future, the now!!!!!

My nightmare is hat this is the hacker’s dream come true….. ahhhhhhh (I’m screaming, internally that it but someone I know you can all hear me…lol, chuckle, chuckle, inside joke, get it, you hear my thoughts from inside?) How can you perfect something new when something newer just came out. I mean 98 was around for what, 8 years before it losts it opportunity for Microsoft updates and such. XP came with so many background memory usurping processes, that it was no wonder they got rid of AOL and came out with broad band internet. Pun intended, yes but it’s reality….hahaha.

Back to hackers and criminal and all the stuf I write about. The success of Microsoft changed the IT industry and the technology world in both positive and negative ways. The haters showed up and people with XP suffered. Software infringement grew and showed great potential to overwhelm the industry. Along with that came the knowlwdge of cyber threats came into light and more attention was paid to cyber safety. The positive to this is that attention to the cyber world and the crimes and potential for crimes and being resolved and new security measure are being implemented to help safeguard against it.

The potential risk however are still climbing in some ways with the improvements of new virtual technology, especially the ones released by Microsoft. Is the sofware giant too much for the industry right now. Absolutely not, but the number of releases are. Fon example, the release of Azure and Cloud seem to immediately follow each other while Cloud seems like an overpriced virtual storage version of Azure. We all know what a a vitual server is and I could simple upload a Microsoft workplace through Windows Virtual server and retain privacy for me and others using it. Is it the comliance that makes Cloud so necessary? I can get that with my own policies. I understand if the person purchasing is not tech savvy or doesn’t have an experienced IT person staff but for the partners, certified and experienced, I don’t see the benefit.

The ever so frequent releases have been encouraging hackers to probe much, much more into Microsoft’s world to find out more. The curiosity is endless but te need to be so agressive is beyond me. Just go to the website and download the software description. It might be hatred for Bill Gates who seemed to disapear in his own company without the right to write or oversee beta or development. Pun intended? Yes, of course. Along with copy right and infringement, holes in these new softwares invite eavsedroppers and more sophisticated criminals who delievr information to black market purchasers and terrorists.

Here we are…… progress for a company with lot of worth to, animosity with frequent releases….. to theft through copyright infringement….. similar software releases in the same year…… more theft through infringement, hacking this time, eavesdropping, holes in security and software protocals, and movement to black market and bigger criminals that might lead to terrorism.

Time to discuss these options with Bill Gates and remind hime of the airtight infrastructures of 98, not 95, that he himself wrote and administered band aids to to keep security intact and user experience easy and to be redundant, usable. It took practice but it remained one of the best Windows experience still.

These attributes and the attentiveness that he and his company gave under patent sould be recycled and come back to the table. The patent is up or close to but the care and quality should keep the par. The same scenario plays an important role in internet and software security as well. For instance my experience and with learning helps me with writing and giving tips for better safety to te ome user. In the same way, developers can increase security with extra processes that encourage security holes, create lags and hard to find problems for incomprehensible symptoms and new places for harboring worms, viruses and trojans. Seriously, I don’t remember having to download so many trojan seekers with the old, played out 98.


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BA in Sociology - Temple University - December 2009 Microsoft Small Business Certificate - 2006 Current Endeavors - Volunteer at the World Tribute Center; Employee at Home Depot and Path Mark Against ANY KIND of terrorism, I don't smoke and I don't use non-prescription narcotics just the regular over-the-counter kind!!!!
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