Negative Effect of Technology on Small Countries

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Discussing technology is important to me, important enough to get the right information and easy alternatives. I know for a fact that it is not always available and not always essential. Some communities can prosper without because they’re ideals are different, the cost of living is high and their income is low and most times, their needs do not requires such high end needs. Who are they? They are the farmers, the villagers, the craftsmen that still have a trade, apprentices and opportunities for their trade.

Technology is the measure for economic growth, popularity and new ventures for small and large countries. It brings to cities in Africa, Asia, and South America big business enterprise and the promise of trading and economic opportunities for the country and its population. The difficulty in this perspective lies in the evidence that the economy suffers, the countries becomes more indebted and trading becomes more importing than exporting.
The means by which technology is integrated into these countries is one that at times comes with the pending costs of Democracy and possibilities for banking and industrial movement o their country. To some this is a generous contribution to countries by businesses but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the change is so dramatic at times that the promises make at not fulfilled but depreciate the just the objectives but the value of the countries economy as well.

The serious business here is really serious, especially for countries where the governments want progress and more technology.

The meaning of the movement is contradictory in a sense that the beginning of capitalistic ideals bring industry, new residents, and taxes. This minimizes the natural resources for the national population, depletes the workforce of employment opportunities, increases cost of living, increases administrative costs, machinery, and decreases the earnings of the country by decreasing export opportunities. When discussing technology are we discussing the industrial type or the computer type? Technology as a whole is incorporated by both. Industrial work such as oil drilling or car building requires computerized technology.
Farmers is countries like Somalia, Nigeria, even Democratic ones like Botswana and Mauritia need better land and water supply before they can think about technology. Some may think that moving the technology to build a dam will make a drastic change, but who gives a damn when it doesn’t provide for ten to twenty more years and the rivers are not big enough in those regions to facilitate such structures.

Back off for a minute of the tech thing, the most important objective and the one I feel like most people ignore is the one where power depreciates and integrity comes in. Wise decision making is technology wise enough to say, “Hey, I’m not a good fit here. Let me change my course.”


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