I’m not Michael Dell or Bill Gates but, I’m More in Touch With Tech Than They Are – So is Everyone Else (Smiles and Smooches, but really I’m not kidding)

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Consider this….. your first day at a high powered IT firm and you’re looking for the bathroom. You bump into the Director of hmmmmm…. IT infrastructure and ask politely, “Excuse me, do you know where the restroom is? ” He/she says, ” Sure, walk straight ahead and make a right and it’s there. ” You say, “Thank you” pause, “By the way, do you know where the knowledge base and disaster recovery meeting is taking place?” and they reply, “I don’t know, that might be another group, what group do you work for,” and you reply, “IT Compliance.”

What a bleeping joke right? Not so strange in big corporate of infrastructure firms however. The technology giants as they are, might or might not be in touch with their own endeavors. Millions of dollars go into new design, software ideas and development…., not to mention beta environments and labs, while the fundamentals that tech gurus like MIchael Dell and Bill Gates teach and give hide under the mask of company debts and retrievals because that’s the more important task at hand. Oh, where does all the money go…… well on trivial pursuits (Pun intended? No, that’s being as straightforward as I can possibly get.)

Did anyone see the video clip on the premier of the new Microsoft mouse? I did and was impressed that the intern with nothing else to was that creative to find that workshop and spotlight the piece that mouse that it….. ratted out the whole place. (Now that’s a pun, laugh, laugh). Well, here it is: http://blogs.technet.com/b/next/archive/2011/05/04/a-tour-of-microsoft_1920_s-model-shop.aspx . While that might not have been his intention (that’s what interns do), I one of the Microsoft consumers, shareholders, and partners, received a valuable experience into the fundamentals of idle business investments. Putting together an optimal piece of hardware is important to me but remember when Bill Gates did without the expensive paint selection? While I might want my laptop to match my handbag, I would much rather the money that I receive from a worthy investment and watching my stock portfolio of one Microsoft share heighten and make me proud.

I am still not at a loss for words. This sector is something that I care about because it is where I work, where my ideas take form and where the brink of technology impacts, changes, and come back like the ghost of Christmas past…. (I can’t help it, something about Scrooge McDuck keeps reminding me….) Putting the bills aside….. hehehe..laughable….bills, Bill Gates, get it? Anyway…. putting the bills aside for a moment err… I changed my mind… looking at the bills is the way to get the information to save the company.

If I were Bill Gates or Michael Dell, I wouldn’t look past the bill. The consumer and the company want the investments in such companies like Dell and Microsoft to remain, useful, up to date, and show long term value. The money that the company spends and how is a very important detail in the schema and should seriously be put in its place. What does that mean? There’s not room for assumption here. It means that the outcome of such an analysis as the output of funds, is one way to monitor the companies inventory, earnings, and worth. Call it reprisal of the debt, if you would, for it gives you the break down of the day to day in your company, insights into available finances, and opportunities that were missed by used funds in investments such as high tech paint shops and new gurus that meditate the day and income away.

I know, they all say, the top financial advisers that it, “It’s the economy….. the low in the market is the influence of the drop in the basis as per Alan Greenspan….. lalala.” That might be true, but in down times, a company can return to the books and try to manage a better financial outcome by reducing debt and saving on that interest payment; reducing shrink by promoting safety and safe products, by removing redundancy and creating dependability to bought product. People don’t want to buy the same technology they bought last year with a spin on it. They want dependability. Can’t make money there? Invest in more secure transmission. Fix a broken link in communication. Ensure security and lower those RMA’s.

So why do I know so much and not those top notch tech guys who sre historic for writing their own equations, building there own hardware and reaching the peak of there own empires? Because I know that the road curves, that reaching the peak doesn’t mean flatten the terrain, because, I’m the investor, savvy or not, I am. I am the tech girl depending on the technology that they output to be useful and sometimes, my roller-ball mouse de-stresses me so I know when it’s missing from the market place. Things like that I feel become engrossed in the progress of technology called redundancy. Now in this down time…. benefit from the actions of mass reduction in product when necessary and conform to better issuance and less debt.

Clayton, Steve; “A Tour of Microsoft’s Model Shop”; http://blogs.technet.com/b/next/archive/2011/05/04/a-tour-of-microsoft_1920_s-model-shop.aspx; 05/2009.


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