Online Viruses Can Change to Be Good? Really? How?

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Viruses have a bad reputation online and according to computers everywhere. Why is that? Well, it’s because people lose so much information when the pounce. They corrupt almost everything from system files, to videos, pictures, and important documents.

So how are they helping us these days? Well, maybe not yet but nearly close to the present past they’ve been initiating response systems that protect us from privacy and identity theft. How? They do it just by saying to pirates, “STOP”

Frequently, some viruses – the dangerous kind appear on our computers and along with them come Trojans, Pop-u ads, Monitoring software, and Vendor Toolbars. The casual encounters lead to bigger problems and deficits to personal endeavors that may appear.

To help influence these issues for the better, companies like Trend Micro, Symantec, Sun Micro systems, IBM, and Microsoft write viruses that reduce the system vulnerabilities from such attackers as well as key restrictors that curtail use of pirated software.

This process is generally researched by the virus company and independent researchers like me to find the impact that they have on vast environments and try to restrict them to prevalent security policies that can keep them at bay and minimize the harm that they cause.

Of course, good and bad viruses exist, but they both can have detrimental effects on a system. They best option is to contact your antivirus for preventative, deletion, and restorative measures.

In many instances, a process of procedure is available to help remove the virus, and restore proper system function but the damage of corrupt files and documents still exist.

How do you work around that?

The objective for the end user is to keep them system safe and ready to fulfill their objectives on a daily basis whether it is to chat online, send email, write a document, or facilitate internet communications such as blogging. Keep information safer and more secure by following a process of protection. I myself when worrying about such dilemmas, try to email documents that I want extra protection for through a site that scans for spam, Trojan and virus attachments. Hotmail, free as it is, does that and is the one that frequently use.



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