Running Out of Technology?

Kamini Kandica Abdool

I feel like I see redundancy everywhere I go. I feel like I’m pioneering through the swamp that IT created because the originality left. I don’t want to be here alone, I know so what can I o to not juts bring forward change, and reduce redundancy but, inspire others to challenge themselves and bring forward their unique perspectives?

Towards the end of the 20th Century, companies like Dell and Microsoft dominated the IT market in consumer products, employment, security, and infrastructure bringing much needed competition to global giants like IBM, Bell Atlantic, and Trend Micro. I was even impressed by the small ingenuity of the Watchguard Firewall system and the intricate details that incorporated itself in fine walled security. It made me feel like I reached in and pulled out the best building block in the set.

Fortunately and unfortunate indeed I have to let go and move on from the beautiful moment. While the kid-like memory missing girl that I am wants to sit and relish in my memories, the grown up and mature self that I have to be took notice that my recent past missed out on originality and redundancy has been in recent view because I haven’t had a playful moment that I did with that Watchguard. The building block made a difference, a measurable one in forwarding my goals. It gave insight in to other options like this one where I can express my ideas and share my skill and hopefully make a difference to someone else and, a better outlook into a voyage through cyber space and the rough routes of medium to big business.

Moving on from small business to medium and large network can be exciting but, moving on also lessens the opportunity for originality I found. As creative as I am, I feel like I’m missing the excitement, it’s there for sure but who is unraveling it? Is anyone paying attention to it? The day to day experience and the expectations of 9 to 5 work have over-committed to globalization and we lost imagination. Did people run out of ideas? Tech stocks are still plummeting although the employment is recovering in this sector.

I’m just noticing the contaminated space hoping to find a sign of originality so that the world can move on. I don’t want to drudge anymore. I just want to be original still. Moving from small business IT projects to writing about possible medium to large business issues somehow sometimes brings me to a venue that I can compare only to brownstones as a collage against the landscape of God’s land, beautiful but missing part of the story. What’s the missing story? It’s supposed to be the every day run of the mill, assembly line tasks but it isn’t. It’s actually redundancy. It’s not doing the same tasks, I notice, it’s receiving the same ideas worded differently.

An example of this I saw at more than one roadshow so far. It’s a third party distribution of “Cloud” these days. “Cloud” is being advertised by many these days as the best new high grade error logger that can allow access for fixes virtually. Everyone has a claim of its potential and make changes to the program that are minuscule yet have been partnering with large companies such as HP to vend it out to other potential contractors and companies. The redundancy factor here is the bargain of offering the client that same product at the same price with management fees. The advertisement has no disclaimer yet the product remains the same for each proposal.

Great example, I think and one that resembles many these days in IT. While third party development is a plus and offers an opportunity to many, many times the lack of imagination limits the progress of the development in development again and again. Who’s compliance should we contact?


About kaminikandicaabdool

BA in Sociology - Temple University - December 2009 Microsoft Small Business Certificate - 2006 Current Endeavors - Volunteer at the World Tribute Center; Employee at Home Depot and Path Mark Against ANY KIND of terrorism, I don't smoke and I don't use non-prescription narcotics just the regular over-the-counter kind!!!!
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