The Route of Calls in Cyber Need Land a Plan to Phoner Skype

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Before there was internet, there was phone, then came the internet phone but that still needs the phone line-in. The line-in, more than a modem, is needed, like the modem, to network the phone service on lines for use. The security for the network is partial on-line for access but off-line for distribution, a hybrid, a less expensive, and more energy efficient mechanism for voice distribution.

Who is calling and who are you calling?
Who You CAlling? By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Vonage a pioneer in this field recently took better charge of their original synopsis to distribute such a service. What about the security to it? An idea that pioneered companies like Vonage created smaller phone bills but more extensive security building in buildings is now one of the most popular home network plans today – and still recordable.

Skype the new online phone company has recently been studied in the news for appropriateness to government standards but have been rejecting requests to have online phone calls monitored. Where’s the security in it? The network-able idea stopped at the computer with no further route from there you thought but the security diagram of my network says different.

“Skype calls connected computers directly rather than routing data through central servers, as many other Internet-based communication systems do. That makes it more difficult for law enforcement to intercept the call.” (Washington Post; July, 2012)

The security of it, with it, and in it says that government makes the call. The issue with companies like Skype and Vonage is that the distribute calls globally and the rate reduction is the match. Because of such endeavors, networks like these that distributes on a global-scale, the requirements miss the agenda for everyone’s security by meeting everyone’s reach but no-one’s needs.

To arbitrate such situations, new foreign policy rules needed to be implemented I thought but, not. To avail, there are security rules that give compliance to monitoring and lift the restrictions that companies such as Vonage and Skype have been neglecting by refusing to adhere to US policies. The new constructs for global security requests and acknowledges that, the route from here to there, understanding that there might be in Korea while here is the US, needs to be considerate that the effect is in both places and differences in governments policies in both places should be adhered to – there needs to be a safe and secure and compliantly traceable route to both ends.

“Skype makes chats and user data more available to police”; 07/25/12;; The Washington Post.


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