Hardware – The Need of Better Networking.

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Female I am…… but I’m not HDD, not a hard drive, and it’s not a disorder. The female hard drive is the secondary one, while the male is primary so the female is not ever in the forefront. Proof that I am not an HDD because here I am in the forefront and I’m bringing with me my experience to show.

As recently as today I realized that being male or female have everything to do with everything, even hardware Why? Because hardware these days and in the past, have parts that are gender necessary and specific. Except, humans can be transsexual but hardware cannot.

The reason for the right network is to bring forth the right situation for business or personal computer use. The right hardware is important for any network whether it be for function or for leisure. In order, the male is the primary while the female is secondary – other terms to describe the specs. Remember my pun, on HDD, well most times, that even though a secondary Hard-drive is not in the forefront, it still have a lot to say. This, the secondary hard-drive is the storage for large files and folders, can be used to private folders and information and application setup information and run files.

At times the female wants to say that’s why women are important, they keep your files and private folders safe. (wink, wink) So what does this all have to do with females and female computer parts…. I could say that it’s a metaphor for the undermining of women such as myself with the front line being consumed by my male peers. But, I digress!!!

The truth is that the logistics of male and female parts are made according to the male and female genitalia. That’s not that much better I know but, that’s about as horrific as it gets. “The gender of a connector is easy to determine. A male connector has one or more protrusions that couple with a female receptacle. Appliances have cords ending in a “male” plug, which is fitted into the “female” outlet.”

Gender differences are based on that and it becomes fairly easy to distinguish from that, the genetic setup of a computer. The foundation becomes that anything you plug into is female while anything that plugs in is the male. For networking however, we don’t term computer male or female, the gender is only distinguished in hardware as far as it goes with the parts, a big misconception in the industry.

A good network I have to say is made up of all male computers, chauvinistic I have to say because there’s no accident there, it just happens that the male hard-drive is first in line and always has to be primary. I don’t know if I’m writing this article to show gender differences or to disclose, the female role in the workplace..



Masterson, Logan L.; The Difference Between the Male & Female Connectors on a Computer | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5985963_difference-male-female-connectors-computer.html#ixzz24USFFY6K


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