Sasser Worm: The Limitations it Set; Reprocussions on Repositories?

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Remember the Sasser Worm? MOst people do. It was a big issue in 2004, 05, 06, and 07. By 07, much of the press and faults were thought to have died down but it wasn’t. At the time I was a hardware tech and encountered it on many instances.

My experience in hardware and software gave me insight to the risks, hazards, and repercussions after removal.

Sasser the worm, attacked the entire operating system and in many cases required a reinstal and only provide a solution for Win 2000 and Win XP. But what about Win ME and Win 98?

On a global-scale, this posed a significant issue for many including Microsoft. The updater for those operating systems were still functioning and more than minor problems I’m sure occurred. Is this something they thought about? Who knows but it made a significant difference and I know.

The truth is that viruses affect files and software that it seems not to. With updater in place, some of these files may have been sent back to companies such as Microsoft and Adobe via updater.

For the end user, the best suggestion is to contact a technician. For the tech, what is happening to the repository? What about the updater? Is it then infected? Where is my cleanup going? Are you cleaning up my cleanup? Who is?

A big deal here and one that I’ve verbally included in many conversations is to scan for virus in your updater and virus repository, they may be harboring a virus or worm too.

It’s nice to quarantine or hold a backup but much better to lose the virus. PS…. in layman terms in regards to health, a virus is forever that said and can only be cleaned for up to 99%.

Is that what it means for a technical virus to? I don’t know everything either, if you know please tell me also.


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