What Do You Do When MAlware Attacks a Virus?

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

I want to stick with my decision that viruses begin as good. Viruses are files that are written to take commands from various settings on a programs and come as part of most programs. Examples of viruses that come as part of a program are fonts, keys, and colors.

How is it that viruses become seemingly bad? Are they bad? Did they become bad? The truth is that they are just accepting bad commands. Many times with visits to the Internet, malware downloads to a computer and either corrupts virus files or change their instructions.

How does this change the virus? Something this confusing to the virus and the program will shut down hoping to become better after starting up again. This is called recycling and is frequently the case as the virus doesn’t want to cause a damage but is damaged or corrupted. These corrupted viruses are ones that are not normally found by anti-virus programs because they are not bad but corrupted. Are they causing damage? No but the malware that corrupted them are. How do you know what to look for when this happens. Many times, the program is reinstalled without worry and the virus acts as brand new but is still susceptible to the malware. HOw do you figure out how to rid your computer of this.

I want to say get a new one but that might not resolve the problem either. The best solution is to look up removal instructions for the malware to resolve the problem and stop it from occurring again.

Be`wary, removal and deletion when it comes to malware are different.


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