The Proposition of Policy and Technology Reaction

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Information is important and is usually the deliverable on paper and with it. Hence the reference of white paper and newspaper that have showing up in technology news recently, especially globally. Just to define the terms and their recognition in technology society – newspaper refers to information delivery and is especially a term used by hackers to distinguish their product. White paper refers to the receipt of information request and in today’s tech and piracy markets is usually the request, need of the customer or need of the request itself.

Now that the definition exists, let’s discuss the reasoning behind such terms and their role in cyber world and technology. Recently, white and newspapers have had much attention in Eastern Europe and Asia with a lot of help from the Unites States and nearby regions. The deliverables here is again information with the seekers being those in Eastern Europe and Asia and the suppliers from close to the United States or in its region.

Much talk from Trend Micro, Symantec and others in cyber security industry have been about hacking for the purpose of moving such data and also security industries to stop theft, reduce piracy of such information and securing big and better businesses from such issues.

The suggestion is to provide better security but should be more than that. It should be to provide a more substantial way to retrieve such information and help eliminate that type of sale on the piracy market.

So how can this be done? One way to legitimately reduce such dilemnas and provide an inlet for such information is through a wiki company. Wiki companies are able to deliver a large amount of white paper information without depending or giving in to illegal trade.

Good for the customer bad for the pirates you thought right? Not exactly, this can be a good opportunity for them as well. Wiki is a big business and has provided many opportunities in the United States recently. IT hasn’t turn the bend to Eastern Europe and Asia as yet (pun intended) but has been migrating Northward as a more legitimate form of information acquisition. Piracy can be severely reduced if policies come into effect that might affect the pirate market with reduction of and deliver back to the recipient integrity and better more reliable information.

As with any new technology, introduction is important but policy is necessary. What does that mean? Well, information needs a path to travel and the need for it channels the request and furnishes the path. Right now piracy in prevalent for such request but invasion of privacy is as well. Privacy and piracy are terms that need to be defined globally with regulations to suppress piracy and reduce invasion of privacy. Wiki might be the answer but does policy provide that opportunity? Globally? Not right now.
The response of technology necessitates the need for such an industry, not a all similar to outsourcing but definitely a move for a new type of technology. The new interest in Internet have provided wiki companies this outlet and the proposed actions would be to incorporate this type of information, as long as its legal with correct disposition, in global technology with progress in foreign policy and global government.


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