Football in the Mix? The New Hacking Targets – Football Video Games

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Football – an important sport to men, and some women.  Fantasy football, the best thing that could come to the audience,  interactive, multiple players, forums, chats, and media relations with uploads from almost any scoreboard. It even made to video game one day and when the seasons over, the Sunday afternoon thing becomes sitting in front of the wide screen still but with the game control in hand.

Great as these past-times are, they are a risk to the users, gamers, audience, sports sites and possibly the players.  Relative changes in the setup is one of the reason, one is that fantasy football moved online, two is that its so interactive that they players and the players get confused.  Get it, the fantasy players often try to control the ion of the game, the fantasy game per-say but many times this extends to the media a perception of the players and the teams that they choose.

Chuck Klosterman, with a long standing past in fantasy football, discusses this in his article, “The Chris Johnson Problem; Fantasy Football is destroying our perceptions of athletes.”

The fact is as he states from his own experience, “The most universal analysis of Johnson’s career is the one being expressed by fantasy owners, which essentially boils down to this: “Fuck Chris Johnson.” This is because fantasy owners do not look at Chris Johnson’s career as a reflection of Chris Johnson’s life. They see Chris Johnson’s career as a reflection of themselves. They personalize his experience and hold it against him.2 That’s always what happens when something exists to you only as a commodity: You will care more about yourself than about the thing that you own.” (Klosterman, 2012)

The concepts that govern the rules for Fantasy Football, are the ones that contribute to the Internet etiquette of games, gaming, gambling, security, and communication

In July of 2012, Darrelle Revis, was a victim of Twitter Hacking.  The football player made the news and posted a note on Twitter describing the outcome of the incidence.  Chris Yuscavage wrote on the subject and brought it to the general public an incidence that could have been missed because of the July 4the Celebration.

This is yet another example of a fan overwhelmed situation.  These are some of the issues that fantasy games and that fan interaction can have on the game on the field and the perception of the players.  The attacks that are forwarded at times can have serious effects as it did with Darelle Revis.  Is it the fantasy, the fantasy game, or the fan?  How can these issues be corrected?  What is the etiquette to give the fans the experience with the harsh reciprocation.

The Internet and most social networks are equipped these days with anonymous means of reporting harassers, spammers, and invaders. This is one way to keep safe from attackers, if the problems persist, another is to be aware of the Internet Harassment Laws and how they protect you.  A great site to get such information is wiseGeek.  There you can get information on etiquette, actions, harassment, and protection.

While this doesn’t explain the rules of Fantasy Football or tell you how to play “Maddon Football”  it does help you change your behavior to incorporate an understanding of better Internet play, communication and interaction.


Klosterman, Chuck; “The Chris Johnson Problem; Fantasy Football is destroying our perceptions of athletes.”; 2012.

Yuscavage, Chris; “Darelle Revis Was the Victim of a Crazy Twitter Hacker Yesterday”;; Jul 5, 2012.

wiswGeek;; 2003-2013


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