Video Games – The Source for Animalistic Actions or Survival

KAmini04124By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Violence in games is a threat to children and young adults for two reasons. One – addiction, and two, violent actions.

The games to beware of these days are the most popular ones too. ie Dead Space; Mortal Combat PS2; Fallout Vegas; Castlevania; Naughty Bear.

Naughty Bear, rated T for Teen, “Naughty Bear is one of the most violent and disturbing games of the year. It’s about a sociopathic bear who spends his time choking his peers with golf clubs, slamming their heads in car doors, and frightening them until they commit suicide.”

The detrimental effect of such games is more violence in the future for children that play, addiction, and possible mental disabilities and disorders. The human psychii is sensitive and while I am not a psychiatrist, I do know that violence breathes more violence many times.

So what about the rating thing? How does that work? Rated T for Teen, M for Mature…… T for Teen according to regulations state,

“TEEN – Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.”

But really a game like “Naughty Bear” goes outside the borders of adequate content for a thirteen year old.

How does the process work that kids are purchasing those games? The process itself is a little difficult to understand but on the ESRB website for reading.

Basically, the manufacturer of the game submits a request to have the game evaluated for rating status, so who the F approved “Dungeon Defenders” E for everyone over 6?

“That’s where you come in. You’ve got a weapon, and you know how to use it. Each class can beat some ass when necessary, and with the level up system giving you full control over how your stats increase, you can build a hero to do nothing BUT annihilate in toe to toe combat. Of course, you can also build for maximum damage or durability towers. I say durability because if the monsters spot something that’s in their way, they will remove it with force! Don’t worry, you can repair mid-fight, but getting hit by archers will interrupt it and there are plenty of them.”

That’s a statement! Well it might look fun but I don’t agree that it should be or is for everyone. When illegal ratings or misplaced ratings show on games the ESRB is the commission to report it to. But what happens when th mistakes are theirs?

Like any other agency, there is opportunity for theft, offenses, and illegal activity. If the price is right or the incentives are there, people step up to do the wrong and make the wrong choices or take wrong actions. This is where Consumer Reports and Better Business Bureau comes in. They can investigate ratings claims and more importantly, illegal actions.

This a great way to raise an investigation and begin the process of moving on from the symptoms of bad ratings. It’s not a TV show that you can turn off, the consequences are real in real life when they are bad but say good.

E for Everyone is like saying, lets go to “Disneyland”. That’s the idea, not “Terminator” for the 3-year old.

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