Overclocking Security Precautions – Systems at Risk

Kamini at Mets vs TigersBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

Overclocking  – a popular speed-or-upper or system enhancer.  It is usually included as a BiOS update file that comes with the motherboard cd or available on the download site for computer or system board.

Speed is great and everything, especially for systems that use heavy graphics, have cameras and is setup for sound and music editing or stores. But why the hesitation with me to do it – overclock my board I mean.

Several reasons.

One is that when a system is in overdrive – well its in overdrive.  It’s exercising at its full potential and its hard for it to find time to rest.  As with everything else, computers need rest too.

Another is that updates update almost everything on a computer and can change the settings for programs, pixels on pictures, enhance or damage graphics, or changes fonts and font files.

And the last and one of the most important reasons is that the files on the Internet are subject to change by hijackers, prowlers and hackers. Eavesdropping files and information hijackers and invaders cling to download files and lately it has been found that many Trojans and other hijackers have found means to attach and update download files with add-ons that help open a path for other prowlers, hijackers that steal information and hackers that attack to eavesdrop, steal information and violate privacy.

Many times, these attacks are used for menace but there are instances where they’re done for more sophisticated reasons, such as plots to thieve, to attack, or to damage. Keeping the system up would be inappropriate as well as hazardous and threatening to the end-user and also they mail and contact networks.

When these attacks occur, they are the most difficult to get rid of and the best options is to contact a system administrator for advice as well as the police for investigations of foul play.


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