Providing a Fundation for IT Security with Data

kaminiPhoto00591 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

IT Security, an important part of dealing with IT issues and providing safety has a means to create a better foundation to manage better the move of the Technology sector to a more global environment and it begins with data.

Data, a big mass undergoing reorganization is providing a means to develop a better infrastructure for technology.  To be fair, data is really where it begins, even with development. So there in start the machinery movements to better fundamental values and reach for security, security in IT.

One of the reasons for the review is to find a use for archaic data that just sits around in mass.

Ever had to defragment your hard drive?   Well in the same way that defragmenting sorts and keeps together files of the same sort, a similar change is set to occur with data.  The industry right now (IT industry) is looking to reorganize data in a format that will make it usable

Data is not just a mass that is immobile and unstable anymore.  Trend Micro, a major role model for security has gained popularity for their new initiatives to secure mass data.  By using Cloud Technology, they have enabled a network with high reach to secure data while Symantec another major influence in IT have given ideas and opportunities to organize sufficiently data in mass with programs specifically with data in mind.

A good relationship with technology is important for human survival.   Many metaphors exist showing the possibility of too much technology and little life. To keep intact a balance in security and communication which can facilitate ideas to furnish a better future based on the needs of the population, one being conservation of resources (technology can be a resource – as a matter of fact is one.

To better technology, data is necessary and it’s the necessity because it is already the building block of technology.  Forwarding goals for global security in IT depends on knowing that data is specifically the first block to build on.  Once data is correctly in place to be distributed appropriately, protocols can be implemented to furnish intelligence, products, ideas, policies and procedures, and conservation of resources, including labor.


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