Safety Restrictions or Definitions

996820_10151515777653775_1347629707_n By Kamini Kandica Abdool

IT Security is currently being rebuilt to include the needs of the whole world. How do we though, come up with borders that will define and integrate better security measures rather than pose heightened restrictions that propose more risks.

Restrictions are of course necessary but guidelines are also.  New security requirements need guidelines to reinforce proper regulation.  Where do we go to get that? Most laws are already setup to protect and keep in line security measures but the problem is compliance.

Many companies and governments have problems with compliance – keeping up with checking the balances. How do miss it?  It disappears in the daily grind, the conversation that you just missed for to get a cup of coffee and forgot to follow up on, it was in your training manual, it was the i you forgot to dot or the t you forgot to cross today.

Or maybe it was just misunderstood…..

How do you fix these misses….. by being diligent and by creating guidelines that cater to those situations.  An example is one used by many help desks. They have found a way to curtail issues like this with a daily task list – ie site checks.

Other examples of ways to create better procedures to reinforce rules and regulations and keep standards in place are, schedules, curfews, menus, status bars, org charts, reorganization, beta queue, and procurement.


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