Organization in Mechanics of Sporting Administration – Racing as the Model

Kaminiatsummerstage3 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Sporting administration is one of the most important parts of compliance in sports.  The rules and regulations are reviewed and observed there.  It’s the inspector that shows up with the checklist, it’s the mechanic and the tire guys, the cleanup crew, and even the guy that blows the residue off the track after your fast race car pulls off.

Is this where it starts arbitration? Every environment needs an arbitrator, whether it be driver who needs to know the rules, the pit crew who tells the driver that the part doesn’t work, or the manager that can’t come to a reasonable resolution. Is this where compliance begins?

Since I started with racing, racing is a good model to expand on.  Who is there to arbitrate the matters of the race? The matter of the grounds? Well, it starts there.

The ground work for racing starts there, in the garage on the ground. Here the configurations of the car, for the car start, the crew is scheduled, engine is checked for “compliance” to the race, the models and shapes are measure, the wind in the wings get a check, computer checks for spills, holes, or bubbles, and everything else that goes along with checking that car! The inspector here would be the arbitrator.

Is the arbitrator the administrator?  For compliance reasons, at that juncture, he is “the” administrator, the one that monitors, looks for errors, reviews the specs and spokes…. and then reports it.  Will it be in time for the race, for time trials?

Maybe, maybe not…. another arbitrator or is it the same guy?  Hmmm…. many times, sporting administration is a group thing, an effort of more than one persons.  Their main purpose is — compliance where the checkpoints distinguish their roles.


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