Testing In Technology – Necessary Functions

kaminiBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

Things break an cannot be repaired , things malfunction, things function as if they were repaired, things repair but don’t function the same and other are not repairable at all.  In technology itself all these repairs and un-repairables can be problematic. All these,  are reasons why testing is important, especially for the above listed in technology.

The other day I discussed in detail the necessities for redundancy and now testing.  Testing is usually incorporated into hierarchy prior to redundancy for reasonable and appropriate business to business interaction and communication. The requirements and standards o.f everyday business to business interaction state that privacy and safety standards must be met for hardware and policies to be fully incorporated in working security exchanges – definitely so, in any environment that uses technology

To prepare for any situation and to migrate to it, testing is required to ensure that all precautions are considered and needs are met. This happens in many ways but to briefly describe and state, testing is done in phases that normally resemble the sequence of Preparation, Installation, and Migration, presuming that all prior needs are met to release the idea, infrastructure change, or technology.


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