Do Viruses Sleep, Hibernate or Stay Awake?

 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

“Sometimes it can seem like our computers are exhibiting human traits, like when a teenager has trouble waking up before noon. If your computer won’t wake up out of sleep mode, then there are a few factors that could be at play.” (Recovery

Viruses…… they themselves do all that….. That’s why I want to know if they sleep. But I found out that yes they do and they need it too. Why is this important because viruses hide everywhere and they are like menaces to some programs, files, and computers but like best friends to others. They think they’re funny, they’re made by the quirky, and they enjoy the mayhem or the presents that they share….. like, HIBERNATION, or RECYCLING, or SLEEPING…. or WAKE

These are things that viruses to to computers but just like the files or computers that they shut down, so are they.  Files I mean…. ever heard of virus files?  Just like programs need a rest, a processor gets overheated and a computer needs a shutdown, viruses need to rest, and they do.  Where?  in quarantine.

Quarantine is available in every anti-virus, and the purpose is to give you time to consult the pros but many people don’t and it results in major problems,

It seems like not a big deal right?  It is because they take up a lot of battery power, usage, memory, and space.  So what do you do with that quarantine, best practice says, “DO NOT RESTORE” but you should contact your anti-virus company to inquire, clean, or delete those files.


1. Wark, Robin; To Sleep or Not to Sleep;; October 2011

2. Recovery; Why Can’t I Get My Computer Out of Sleep Mode?;; 2012


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